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Nail Glue

When it comes to achieving a perfect manicure, having the right tools is essential. That's why Mia Secret offers a high-quality selection of Strongjet nail glues, along with acetone, nail gel resin, and other salon-quality products.

If you're looking for nail glue that delivers a strong and long-lasting hold, look no further than our top-selling formula. Not only does it keep your nails in place, but it's also easy to apply and dries quickly. For those seeking a natural and healthy look, our nail gel resin is perfect for creating a sleek, transparent finish. And when it's time to remove your polish, Mia Secret's acetone for nails is the answer. Our gentle formula leaves nails clean and free of residue. So whatever your nail needs may be, trust in Mia Secret's nail glues and other products to get the job done right.


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PURE Acetone
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